Our values

Responsibility, commitment, appreciation, sustainability - the corporate values from K-Pro

From day-to-day business to strategie decisions, our values define us as a company and the way we take action. We live out our values, which creates a unique, varied and dynamic corporate culture.

• Responsibility
We take responsibility for our actions and the effects they have on our environment. Each of us has a responsibility to our business partners and the company.

• Commitment
We work enthusiastically towards success and for the satisfaction of the company and our partners. Our belief is that personal engagement and good cooperation are key to success.

• Appreciation
We establish appreciation in a cooperative partnership. Open and honest communication and a respectful approach are key features of our company and form the basis of long-term partnerships.

• Sustainability
We see sustainable actions as the foundation for the success of our company. Due to this conviction, we have been a secure employer and reliable partner for many years. We are always looking towards the future while still focusing on the present.



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